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                     Sista' Joy

 Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Guide, Storyteller & Author
The Inspirational Mountain Mama
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Spiritual Storytelling - God's Presence

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Shalina Nicole, Businesswoman & Student of Natropathy

What a rare gem Sista' Joy is!  I am so thankful for having been mentored by her.  If you need a wise, loving and supportive spirit who can help you through the tough times in your life, she is the one who can do it!  

Raisa Stone,  Singer, Writer/Author Comedienne

Sista' Joy is an inspiring, gifted performer. Whether storytelling or singing, she will encourage you from her first word or note. She is a person with a truly kind heart, who recognizes the goodness in others. This shines through in her performances. Her technical solidity is balanced by the sheer goodwill that emanates from her on stage. 

Meisha Herron, Professional Vocalist/Musician

If you need guidance in achieving your life goals, believe me, Joy is an excellent coach and mentor to help you. I highly recommend her!  Thanks to her wisdom and teachings, I've gained more self-love and self-direction. 

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